The UnRetreat 2!

Last year saw the dawn of a revolutionary new approach to group spiritual practice, free from the out-of-date and counter-productive problems of the traditional retreat. Based on personal purpose, autonomy and mastery, the UnRetreat is the first of its kind: a 21st Century group practice that honours the shared values, authenticity and discipline that naturally arises when we come together as a community to explore our relationship with the mystery of life.

Come and learn from enlightened teachers without the usual dependency and submission inherent in traditional power structures, and even feel free to lead a teaching session yourself. At the UnRetreat, it’s up to you to decide when and what you will learn and practice, supported by an innovative structure that promotes your best intentions. As part of a community of like-minded individuals with great conversation (and even greater food), the UnRetreat is an opportunity to explore deep spiritual realization in the only way that makes sense: as fellow human beings taking the same journey.

(For more details about the UnRetreat principles and rules, please see Unretreat Details)

Scheduled teachers and their topics include:

  • Alan Chapman: An introduction to the UnRetreat, and daily sessions in contemplation and devotion.
  • Ellen Tynan: Exploring Wild Presence in the great outdoors.
  • Karen Gifford: Heart-based meditation.
  • Nathan Rosquist: Meditation and creative process.
  • Michael Highland: Morning Yoga.

Other activities include: Qi gong, art making, waterfall hikes, sharing feelings in hot tubs, bear sightings, swimming in rivers, the ping pong tournament of champions, fun yakking, fancy picnics, and leaf-peeping with Treebeard!

How much?

The UnRetreat is priced at cost, $400 per person. This includes three meals plus snacks which will be served at the lodge, or picnic’d upon in the woods. Please plan on bringing an extra $50 dollars for activities and special meals. Those who wish to further Alan’s efforts to take over the world will have the opportunity to make a donation - consider offering an additional $400 to support his teaching.

Contact & RSVP

To RSVP, or if you have questions, please email Karen at karengif@gmail.com