The final weekend of August 2011, Hurricane Irene was bearing down on the east coast. I was at my parent’s home helping them prepare for the storm. There must have been some special magic in the air, because the night before the storm hit I was filled with an urge to lay down some of the life wisdom I had collected over the years. Even though I was mostly regurgitating the ideas of teachers and friends it felt good to express the principles I find most valuable in my own words.

At 26, I’m just old enough to have recognized I’m basically clueless, but still young (and foolish) enough to attempt to lay down some badass life wisdom. These are the principles and practices that I use in an attempt to live consciously and embody the fullest expression of my self possible. Most of what I write here I’ve gathered from books, teachers, mentors, and wise friends. It all seems like common sense now, but it took me years of new-age flavored self exploration to put it all together, and even longer to begin integrating some of this wisdom in my own life. Sadly, we live in a culture that demands little of dudes spiritually, and dilutes our passions with chemicals and entertainment. I wish someone had just laid this stuff out for me in plain speak ages ago and told me to wake the fuck up. So that is what I will attempt to do now. Being a righteous dude should not be complicated.