WinWin was an experiment in game theory based on the premise that individuals would be doubly motivated to spend money when their actions had the potential for personal reward, and a guaranteed altruistic outcome. I called this idea - “Greedy Generosity”. I tested the site with play money, and it worked as expected. When I started researching the legality of such an application, however, I quickly discovered how controlled gambling in all forms (even raffles!) is. I put the project on hold until someone builds an anarchist pirate flotilla in the Atlantic from which I could host the site.

Greedy Generosity. It seems like an oxymoron, but what better way to motivate people to give charitably than to combine that action with something that directly benefits the giver. That’s what WinWin is all about. The more you give, the greater your chances of winning a whole lot more back. Everyone likes winning money and nobody likes losing it, but if you’re going to lose sometimes why shouldn’t that loss be a gift to a cause that needs our help?