I met Tanya Kaps in Hong Kong. She was there working as a yoga teacher but had aspirations of making a documentary film about the evolution of consciousness. I worked with her, first as a technical advisor, and later as a writer in the process of crafting a coherent narrative out of the hours of interview footage she had collected. The project eventually stalled, but in the process I had the opportunity to learn a tremendous amount about contemporary spirituality, psychology, evolutionary and integral theory.

In the whirlwind of globalization, rapidly advancing communication technologies, and converging crisis; our interconnectivity can no longer be ignored. Experts tell us we are no longer flirting with the sixth mass extinction on planet earth, but we are already deep within it. As we find ourselves on the midst of the most destructive time in human history the emergence of a new worldview may be a very real & anchoring hope for a sustainable future

An early trailer for The Making of Being