Hipster City Cycle is a pixel-art bike racing game set in Philadelphia, and my first self produced game. The game began as a casual collaboration between myself and college friend Kevin Jenkins. We never planned or expected the experiments in game development we were conducting to snowball into a project of this scale. Eventually our team expanded to five, and I took on the role of producer in addition to designing and programming many of the core gameplay elements. It was a labor of love. Development took nearly two years of nights and weekends as everyone on the team had full time ‘real’ jobs. The whole process was a wonderful learning experience and I’m continuing to work with the Hipster City Cycle team on upcoming game projects. Hipster City Cycle is available for download in Apple’s App Store.

Your mission is to liberate hipster Binky McKee from the shackles of employment, and help him achieve his humble dream of becoming a penniless cycling legend. Customize your fixie, and take to the streets as you daringly weave through downtown traffic, challenge rival cyclists, chow down on a few cheesesteaks, and track stand your way to city-wide fame.

Gameplay Preview

Gameplay of biking through South Philly.

It’s a love letter to Philadelphia written on the stationery of retro gaming.

Nicole Klein - Gaming Target
Me (as a total nerd) explaining how you progress in the game.