The Giferator emerged out of my obsession with animated gifs, diptychs, and randomness. The execution was simple, visitors typed in a search term and the Giferator would composite a fresh animated gif made up from the first series of Google image search results. The gifs produced are often very provocative, delivering both a sense of information overload while also communicating the internet’s visual essence of a given idea. In the diptych gallery I juxtaposed two random animated gifs, which often results in new an interesting meaning because of complimentary or contrasting images, such as Soviet Godzilla.

"Spiritual Awakening"

RIP Giferator

Unfortunately the Giferator no longer works due to changes to google’s search api, but the gallery of past images thankfully remains. While I love the concept of the giferator, it may be for the better that it was shut down. A few weeks after launching the site it was picked up on a popular humor site, and was subsequently flooded with college students mostly interested in Giferating the most obscene possible images. I eventually deleted the entire database of images (over 10,000) and started fresh, this time with safe search turned on.