In late 2010, my friend, and fellow technologist-philosopher, David Siegel and I began talking about what it means to use technology well. Our conversations eventually evolved into ideas for tools that could help people get perspective on, and potentially improve, their relationship with technology. In early 2011 we co-founded Futureproof, as a company through which to make these ideas a reality.

Our ambition is to create a new understanding of what it means to use technology well. This new understanding evaluates technology by referring to human needs and values, rather than by comparing technology to itself. With this human-centric perspective, our conception of skillful technology use shifts focus from technical proficiency, to using technology in ways that promote health, happiness, and compassion.

Introducing Gadget Rules

Use technology carefully, with intention, for good.

Gadget Rules is a growing collection of wisdom about using technology in ways that best serve our bodies, our minds, and each other. In an era of breathtaking technological change, Gadget Rules is a reminder to breathe.