I'm Michael Highland, a game designer creating positive social experiences with media and technology.

I live in Los Angeles with my wife, daughter, and our chihuahua Pippin.

Contact me at ego(at)michaelhighland.com or check out my not necessarily super up to date résumé.

  • Worked on browser-based muliplayer game prototypes with the goal of creating prosocial experiences between strangers.

  • Worked with The Game Band as a technical designer on their first game.

  • Moved to Los Angeles to join thatgamecompany. I was part of the team making Sky, a multiplayer social adventure game for mobile. I started as a Feel Engineer, working on level design and controls, and was later promoted to Lead Designer, and was responsible for managing the design team.

  • Spent a long summer in Oregon w/ David Siegel, doing burpees and making Futureproof. It was a research project to develop tools and resources to foster greater awareness, intentionality, and well-being around technology.

  • Founded Port127, a micro game studio in Philadelphia. Designed and produced Hipster City Cycle with Kevin Jenkins, Keith McKnight, and music by some members of Cheap Dinosaurs.

  • A TV producer (and now ice cream vendor) saw one of the videos I made in college and brought me out to LA for a summer to make a longer more fleshed out version. I kept the name, As Real As Your Life. A version of the film premiered the TED conference as part of a talk by game developer David Perry.

  • I really enjoyed making videos in college. Here are the ones I finished:

This was built on a Skeleton, with a design inspired by kkga.


From left to right:

  1. Promo image from upcoming thatgamecompany game
  2. Still from Slowly But Forward
  3. Futureproof Logo
  4. Awareness App icon
  5. Still from Hipster City Cycle
  6. Still from Deepak Chopra's Leela
  7. Still from As Real As Your Life
  8. Still from As Real As Your Life
  9. Still from The Perfect Human Redux
  10. Self Portrait w/ Scanner

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