Michael Highland, Game Designer

I currently work at BUCK, in Los Angeles.

  • Bad Robot Games 2019

    I worked with the recently formed Bad Robot Games to develop an internal prototype for an experimental multiplayer narrative game, from initial pitch to fully-featured demo.

  • Solo Exploration 2018

    While taking time off around the birth of my daughter, I worked on a series of browser-based multiplayer game prototypes with the goal of creating prosocial experiences between strangers.

  • The Game Band 2017

    I worked with The Game Band as a technical designer on their first game, Where Cards Fall. I helped refine interaction design across multiple platforms and prototyped bespoke interactable objects.

  • thatgamecompany 2013 - 2017

    I moved to Los Angeles to join thatgamecompany. I worked on Sky: Children of the Light, a multiplayer social adventure game. As a Feel Engineer, I worked on controls, level design, progression, and lead playtesting. I later served as Lead Designer and was responsible for directing multiplayer systems to evoke emotional and social engagement.

  • Futureproof 2011

    I collaborated with David Siegel on Futureproof, a research project to develop tools and resources to foster greater awareness, intentionality, and well-being around technology.

  • Port127 2008 - 2011

    I started and ran Port127, an independent game studio based in Philadelphia, and provided design services while developing original content.

  • Miscellany

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